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Our Customers Love Connect Abs. Please note that Connect Abs is not a weight loss device and it does not remove inches of fat….but what it does do is Tone, Tighten and Strengthen your stomach muscles. Using Connect Abs in Conjunction with Your Dedication to Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Can Help You Achieve Your Goals of a More Attractive Stomach as Well!

Get It!! It Really Works I'm Glad I Bought This!!

Love this belt. The tech on this model is smooth and it's quite comfortable. I've raised the levels slowly to 60-65 and it really works. Quality is impressive. A pretty slick device to help tighten the abs though and since it works quietly and smoothly, I do recommend this toner.
Mom of Three Girls!

I have been using the Slendertone Abs6 for just over 2 weeks now. I use it every day for 40 minutes, and I am starting to really see results. I have noticed that my abs are starting to look firmer. The first few times I used it, I set it on 45, but was able rapidly move up to setting it at 70. I can really see and feel my abs getting a great workout. Totally recommend this product for anyone who is serious about getting abdominal definition quickly!

I was skeptical of course. I am 33 and havent seen my abs in 8 years. They werent completely gone but 0 definition. After using slendertone abs7 for 3 days I can honestly see a huge difference. The outside muscles that I could never figure out how to work are now sore too. Ill be back to washboard soon! Great product, U can only handle 75 and it goes to 150.

Loved it! Five Stars.

Slendertone Abs stimulator works. The Abs 7 is rechargeable. The Abs Connect on the other hand is so slim that I have worn it to work and to the mall and nobody knew it. In my opinion, if you are going to be investing this much money into a device like the Abs 7, you should seriously consider the Abs Connect. Either way, you will be getting a device that in my experience, is the real deal.
Jacob & Kiki

I've just completed my first week of use of this product and am impressed. First of all, my abs have probably received less of a workout than just about any other muscle group in my adult life.. I kind-of dread doing hard workouts of my abs. So, although I'm very skeptical of something that "does the workout for me," I decided to give this a try. The Slendertone does activate the muscles for you. But I wouldn't say it is "no pain". The instructions say to adjust the strength to get a workout without, but don't let it get uncomfortable. I can also report that, when using the higher levels, I do feel some soreness in my muscles the next day. So it does appear that this device is giving me a workout. But from what I've seen so far, it is worth continuing to use this. The belt has 3 sizes. I started at medium, but have adjusted closer to large.

This is my second Slendertone Abs product. My first is 3 years old and it works quite well. My only complaint with the older unit is the way it gores through AAA batteries so I ended up purchasing rechargeable which last for four or five uses before recharge. I really love this unit. Remote control and rechargeable so no batteries and you can easily check the settings on the wired remote. You can definitely feel like you have done quite a few sit ups or planks when you are done. I really believe I have the Slendertone products to thank for the great abs I have on a lazy man's workout.
J. Miller

Five Stars! Turned out just fine.
Craig S.

The Slendertone Abs6 Abdominal Muscle Toner performs great and includes tons of design features based upon the lessons learned from the company’s prior products. This is a great product and works equally well for use at home, work or on the road. The biggest challenges with this product are education and diligence. Study the manual, make a plan, and have the right expectations. If you do that, you will likely be as satisfied as I am with this belt. Enjoy!

I previously had a cheaper off brand version of the same time of ab toner. The Slendertone Abs 6 is advanced FAR beyond my cheaper version. First of all, the set up and instructions of the Slendertone are much easier to understand and follow. Using the actual product is also fairly simple, and I love that it comes with a charger rather than using batteries. I used my other one somewhat consistently for 1-1/2 months and saw a little change in my abs. I jumped right into using the Slendertone Abs 6 at a higher number than recommended for beginners and have been using it almost daily for a couple weeks. The improvement was surprising.

I kept playing around with settings and putting in on differently......well, I finally got it right. By the 4th time I was so sore in the morning - I thought I had done an intense ab-focused yoga session. So, I took a few days of rest from it. Tip - You really need at least 60 to start - anything lower is not doing much, the higher you can get up the better. Make sure it's a firm fit, in the right place.

Ok, so I have only had this for a week now and so far it is AMAZING!! Once you have had it on and going for about 10 minutes you don't notice it. I don't until it goes off, then I'm like "oh, it stopped". I can feel my muscles contracting on the 70 where I couldn't on the 40, so I can only imagine how it feel today on 90. Overall, right now I would recommend it.

To have nice abs, it’s a two part equation: increase the size of your abdominal muscles and reduce the fat around them so they can be seen. If your goal is to build and strengthen your abs/core, the Slendertone can help you do that. The Slendertone is **NOT** a weight loss product. When used correctly, the Slendertone does a great job strengthening and building your core/abs. Whether or not those abs show, it up to you. The Slendertone does what it claims to do, but you have to do your part to reach your goals.
Menthol Rum

Works as advertised. I'm pleased with my purchase.

I hadn't used one of these before, so didn't know what to expect. Very simple and straightforward. Follow the instructions and it just works. I started off pretty light, at 35 then wanted to see what I could push for the first session, getting to 50. I'm easing into this. Subsequent sessions I've gone higher. The nice thing about this is I can't use any excuses. I can work on the computer or read while this is going, only a minimal distraction.
Patrick O.

I've had electric nerve stimulation during physical therapy sessions after broken limbs. Exercise and nerve stimulation gets you up and functional again and builds confidence. This thing works and you'll feel the muscles doing their thing AND the after effects.

I had an older Slendertone that that finally wore out. This one is even better. Love that it is rechargeable and the work out it gives me is unreal. Since I can not do the ab exercises I use to before hurting my back, this product still allows me to work on my core muscles........ Very happy with this product.

The controller is easy to use and the band was JUST big enough to go around my middle. Per the quick start guide, I turned up the intensity until I could feel my abs tighten. Then I turned it up a little more. I went about my business, doing a little house work, watching TV until the cycle finished. The next day I could tell that my abs had been exercised. They felt tighter and a little sore as if I had done a few extra sit ups. I'm looking forward to using the more advanced features.
M. Kooiman

Five Stars! Amazing! Really works! Effortless!
Linda L.

I was skeptical about this product when I first received it. After using it, I am very happy with the results. Essentially is it a belt that you wrap around your stomach with three gel pads attached. You control the intensity of the shocks with a remote attached to the belt to force your muscles to contract, simulating a regular abdominal workout. After using this for about a month, I have not changed anything with eating habits or additional exercise so I attribute all changes to this belt. It should be noted that this will not help you lose weight as it only helps tone ab muscles making you slimmer around the waist.
Dr. E

I've only had Slendertone a month. So far I am very pleased . I do like it. Thanks.

I only purchased this a week ago, but already when I tighten my stomach I can feel the ache in my muscles from the day before. It definitely feels like it is giving them a workout. I'm about ten pounds overweight, so pretty close to my goal, but my abs are always the hardest part for me to tighten up. My stomach is the first place to gain weight and the last place I loose it. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works once I've dropped a few more pounds and the belt can properly engage those central abs.
Celeste H.

Wow!!! This device works extremely well! Totally satisfied with my purchase.
Reed M.

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